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Inspirational conversations with people bold enough to pursue their dreams. What can you learn from their journey to create YOUR best life?

Join host Isha Cogborn every week as we provide an educational self-care boost to help you make your mark on the world while doing work you love. Visit the show notes for each episode for links to resources mentioned during the show.



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Joy Bretz Sherill

Quit Your Job Responsibly with Joy Bretz

Do you feel like you’re chained to your desk watching life pass you by? Trying to figure out how you can manage financially if you do what you love? Are you suffering the health, mental and emotional effects of work-related stress and burnout? In this episode, Joy Bretz tells us about Leave with Ease – a program she created to help you develop your exit strategy to pursue a career and life that brings greater health and happiness. You can connect with Joy at https://www.njoymindbodyandsoul.com

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Latiesha Johnson

Designing a Life of Freedom with Latiesha Johnson

Do you feel handcuffed to a career or business that won’t let you enjoy life the way you really want to? In this episode, Latiesha Johnson tells us how she turned the traditional model of life as a corporate accountant on its ear spend half of the year traveling the world and offers practical strategies to bring more freedom into your life. You can connect with Latiesha at LivingDreamsJoyfully.com

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Elaine Cauley Legacy Consultant

Leave a Legacy, Not Drama: Elaine Cauley

How do you want people to remember you when you’re gone? Will they remember the wonderful memories you shared, or the chaos left behind? If you don’t want your family running GoFundMe campaigns and car washes to bury you or fighting over your stuff when you’re gone, listen to this episode.

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Jane Spicer

Jane Spicer: Building a Multimillion-Dollar Brand

Jane Spicer, CEO of Daphne’s Headcovers started her journey into entrepreneurship at the tender age of 10 by making puppets to save up for a sailboat. Today, she’s at the helm of a multimillion-dollar global manufacturing corporation with customers at top resorts and golf shops in more than 75 countries.

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Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish and the Currency of Likability

Likability isn’t about being the funniest or most intriguing person in the room. It’s about genuinely caring about people – and acting in a way that demonstrates it at every opportunity. Because likability is currency, the more you have, the more doors you’ll find opening for you. Here are five practical principles that can help you to increase your likability, even if you don’t consider yourself outgoing or charismatic.

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SaRatta Murphy expressions bracelets

Turning Your Passion into a Business – SaRatta Reeves Murphy

After making beaded bracelets as an Autism Walk fundraiser for her niece, SaRatta Reeves Murphy stumbled upon an idea that would grow into a lucrative jewelry business with worldwide sales. But it wasn’t as easy as making pretty products. In this conversation, SaRatta talks about how she learned everything she could about the industry and how to run a business.

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