Ready to stop being the best-kept secret?  

Get the tools, strategy, expert coaching and ongoing support to go from unknown to valued expert! 

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Do you know it’s time to start fully walking in your purpose and using what God put inside of you?  
  • Are you ready to reach more people with your message and make a bigger difference in the world?  
  • Feel like no one is really listening when you put yourself out there?  
  •  Are you overwhelmed by all of the things you "should" be doing and struggle with being consistent?  
  • Ever question if anybody really wants to listen to YOU?  
  • Don't like the way you look or sound on camera?  
  • Do you feel like you're all alone trying to make your vision a reality? 


It's frustrating to know you can make a difference, but your name never seems to rise to the top of the invite list to speak at conferences, appear in industry journals, podcasts or webinars with other experts.  

It's also easy to put growing your brand at the bottom of the to-do list, which means you continue to struggle with the same frustrations year after year. 

There are a lot of good programs out there to help solve these programs, but they typically zero in on one issue. Or they move waaaaay too fast and leave you feeling like you squandered your investment because you didn't have the time to implement what you were learning.

Epiphany Institute developed a solution to help you build the right plan, get better at executing and tap into a community for ongoing coaching and accountability. All without making you feel overwhelmed

Platform for Purpose Incubator

Platform for Purpose Incubator is a unique program for purpose-driven subject-matter experts, coaches, authors and entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact without burning out. You may not have a full marketing staff like major corporations, but that doesn't mean you can't make a major impact. You'll receive monthly, one-on-one strategy sessions to helpy you build a plan that fits your personality, target audience and lifestyle, while tapping into the support and accountability of a purpose-driven community of fellow experts. 

Live Your Purpose

Live Your Purpose 

Who you are and what you’ve experienced uniquely equips you to make a difference like no one else.

Share Your message

Share Your Message 

You don’t have to be famous to be heard. And you don't have to be perfect, either.  

Change the World

Change the World 

You are the answer to someone’s prayers. When you put action to your passion, you make the world a better place.

Why Epiphany Institute? 

Isha Cogborn

Google Epiphany Institute CEO Isha Cogborn and you’ll find pages of on-air interviews, quotes featured in publications like Ebony and Cosmo and evidence of a very active career as a speaker and personal development expert.  

Her resume also includes producing and hosting TV shows and broadcasts for corporate giants like Dow Chemical and Waste Management. Isha served as a live correspondent for the launch of Blue Planet Run at the United Nations featuring Hilary Swank and finished in the top 3% of vote-getters for a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  

Isha is the host of the podcast, On Purpose with Isha Cogborn and is a sought-after keynote speaker, facilitator and emcee. With 18 years of experience as a media spokesperson with two Fortune 100 corporations, Isha has proven skills in front of the camera and in preparing camera-shy experts for interviews.  

She’s the author of the book, 5 Rules to Win Being You and featured contributor in My Now for the Entrepreneur and My Now for the Single Parent, former columnist and host of an inspirational weekly segment on mainstream FM radio. 

As an entrepreneur since 2009, Isha understands how to make exposure work for you so get business and bookings instead of just being Facebook famous. 

Which one of these issues is holding you back?

  • Event organizers and media producers are looking for a proven expert and they aren't willing to gamble on you. You know your stuff, but you don't have the receipts to prove it.  
  • You can't seem to connect with enough people in your target audience. The people liking and commenting on your social media posts aren't the ones you're trying to reach.  
  • You could use a little more "polish". Maybe you're not the best writer, don't like the way you look or sound, or have trouble getting your point across clearly.  
  • Lack of consistency. You get on a roll for awhile, but fall off when life gets hectic.
  • You have a vision, but don't know what to do to bring it to life. 


All of these issues can be overcome. And we can help you do it.  

How does Platform for Purpose Incubator work?

Epiphany Institute's Platform for Purpose Incubator brings together a small, selective group of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, authors, subject-matter experts and coaches for a 12-month multimedia collaboration like no other to help you build your personal brand without burning out.  

This program will focus on three things:  

  • Exponentially increasing your reach to new audiences.
  • Boosting your credibility through third-party validation, improved positioning, performance and platform skills.
  • Building a genuine network of like-minded, generous professionals who are committed to each other's success.

We will make you look good!  

This is how we do it: 

Write a book

Be a featured author

  • Reach new audiences in the next edition of our personal development book, “On Purpose: Practical Strategies to Live Your Best Life” (working title) with your photo on the cover.  
  • Get your chapter professionally edited or we’ll interview you and ghostwrite it for you from your ideas.  
  • Receive 100 copies of your book to sell at 100% profit.
Become a speaker

Headline an event for your target audience

  • Epiphany Institute will produce an event (live or virtual) that puts you center stage, demonstrating your expertise and helping you to attract new audiences. 
  • We work with you to create content that delivers the value that keeps people coming back for more.  
  • Leverage the buzz and experience to book additional speaking opportunities.  
On Purpose Podcast

Position your brand for media opportunities 

  • Create a professionally produced in-studio interview with Isha Cogborn to create third- party validation for your expertise.  
  • Be a featured guest on the podcast, On Purpose with Isha Cogborn, distributed on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Stitcher with worldwide listeners.
  • Isha will personally coach you to prepare you for both interviews. 

Personalized visibility strategy to fit your busy schedule

We work with you to clearly define your audience, fine-tune your message, and take you to the next level when it comes to your speaking and on-air delivery. 

You'll receive monthly one-on-one coaching for a full year and have access to your very own mastermind community to help answer your most pressing challenges related to personal branding and platform building.

At the conclusion of the program you will have:

  • Your personalized visibility strategy that refines your messaging, outlines YOUR best marketing vehicles, and a target list of third-party podcasts, blogs or events to go after in the next 24 months.  
  • Earn the title of "published author" with your feature chapter in the professional development book, "On Purpose: Practical Strategies to Live Your Best Life." Even if you've already written books, this project will get you in front of new audiences attracted by your fellow collaborators, which can boost sales from previous projects.  
  • Professionally shot and edited video interview that highlights your expertise.  
  • Strategically crafted feature podcast segment on "On Purpose with Isha Cogborn" airing globally on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Stitcher.  
  • Content to repurpose for your website, in media pitches, sales campaigns, newsletters and social media engagement.  

The Power of Collaboration

One of the things that makes Platform for Purpose unique is that you're not in this alone. We help you develop GENUINE relationships with other generous, purpose-driven professionals. We create opportunities for you to strategically leverage each other's audiences so that EVERYBODY wins. 


What we're looking for in Platform for Purpose candidates

Expertise: You must have a message, story, or knowledge that will help the audience reach a specific goal.  

Purpose: Do you believe that there are people out there who need what you have? Do you feel compelled to do what you can to reach them? If this is all about you, or only about the money, please do not apply.  

Generosity: Aside from our individual goals, we are building a collective that allows us to support each other. You will be expected to occasionally share the work of fellow collaborators and make introductions within your network as appropriate.  

Chemistry: Although we don’t have to all become BFFs, you must know how to play well with others! 

You are the answer to their prayers. Will they find you? 

If you're ready to exponentially increase your impact and build your personal brand without burning out and would like to be considered for this one-of-a-kind program, complete the application below and a member of our team will schedule an interview with you.  

The next cohort launches in March and only 15 spaces are available.

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