On Purpose: Strategies for Living and Leading


If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, this book is for you. ON PURPOSE: Practical Strategies to Live Your Best Life features rising stars in personal and professional development and small business who skip the fluff and get right to what you need to figure out what you truly desire and how to achieve it. 

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn. How to:

  • Effectively set and manage personal goals for every area of your life.
  • Break free of people pleasing to reclaim your time, energy and peace of mind.
  • Proactively protect yourself from layoffs. 
  • Deal with work-related stress and make career choices aligned with your values. 
  • Avoid burnout and make self-care a priority.
  • Build a personal brand and platform that allows you to make a greater impact.
  • Create an effective marketing strategy for your small business. 
  • Reduce conflict in relationships. 
  • Develop a more positive mindset. 
  • Leave a legacy for your loved ones even if you don’t have a dime.

The Authors


La’Vista Jones is the founder and CEO of 31 Marketplace, an agency committed to helping professionals do the work they love, without sacrificing themselves to do it. 

As a corporate dropout, turned entrepreneur she is on a mission to challenge others to cultivate their own definition of success and to live life on their own terms. La’Vista is a business consultant, professional speaker, host of the BOSS™ Talk podcast and published author. 

Her latest book, The BOSS™ Shift, is anchored in implementing her signature framework that focuses on battling overwhelm with systems and self-care. 



Pamela Jones Smith is a personal growth and success life coach, author, and speaker who has dedicated her life to helping others discover and achieve their true potential. With over a decade of experience in coaching, she has helped hundreds of clients transform their lives, find their purpose, and unleash their greatness.


Pam has inspired and motivated audiences around the world with her engaging and empowering talks on personal growth and success. Her dynamic and authentic style, coupled with her knowledge and experience has made her a favorite among audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


In addition to her coaching and speaking work, Pam is also a published author with several books to her name. Her books, which cover topics ranging from mindset and motivation to goal setting and productivity, have helped thousands of readers worldwide to achieve their dreams and create the lives they truly desire.


Whether you’re looking to overcome obstacles, find your purpose, or take your life to the next level, Pam has the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you get there. Get ready to unleash your full potential and live your best life with the guidance of this inspirational coach and speaker.


LaToya Jenkins is an author, international speaker, and productivity consultant for women and families. She works zealously to build strong family systems and help women achieve balance and limitless living. 

LaToya is a devoted wife, dedicated mother of five children, and owns 3 businesses with her husband. After having her second child, she encountered diverse challenges in trying to balance family, business, and community. Through her research, understanding of psychological theories, and personal introspection, she developed practical strategies to overcome those challenges and live a full and uncompromising life. In 2013, she began mentoring other women and families with those strategies. 

Passionate about community building and serving underserved communities, LaToya hosts regular community-building events. She has served as a committee member of the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona, regional board member of YoungLife Arizona, developmental board member of Elevate Phoenix, works with Shift Enterprise Academy (a global e-commerce training initiative for impoverished countries in East Africa), and works with Restore, Rebuild, Renew (a homeless outreach initiative).

LaToya enjoys reading, participating in marathons and triathlons, traveling, and generating content for her family’s YouTube channel.


Kelli Center is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of Centered Living Counseling

& Coaching Services, LLC.


She is passionate about helping individuals to become mentally, physically and spiritually

whole so they can be free to live their best life. Kelli feels especially called to bridge the gap

between the spiritual and mental health communities, dispelling misconceptions that keep

people of faith from receiving the support necessary to meet their mental and emotional



Kelli has nearly two decades of experience in the behavioral health field, with 13 of those years

being a counselor. She works with individuals, couples and families from all socio-economic

and cultural backgrounds. Kelli has experience in addressing an array of needs, including

depression, anxiety, relationship communication and trauma. Kelli also provides Christian counseling.


Connect with Kelli Center:


Brenda Cunningham PUSH Career Management

Brenda Cunningham is the CEO of Push Career Management. Her company provides professional resumes, LinkedIn profiles, job search and interview coaching that has supported hundreds of emerging leaders in landing their dream jobs and climbing the corporate ladder. In addition to working with individuals, Brenda’s company provides outplacement services for small to medium-sized companies forced to reduce their workforce.

Brenda is on a mission to provide practical, career-advancing resources to super smart professionals. She is the author of Crush the Pink Slip: Get Back to Work in 60 Days, host of The Day Before Monday on Phoenix Business Radio X and she frequently speaks on career-related topics.

Recognized as a leader in the industry, Brenda is president of the Resume Writers’ Council of Arizona. She is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS) and Credentialed Career Manager (CCM).

Connect with Brenda Mariah Cunningham:

Website: PushCareerManagement.com

LinkedIn: Brenda M. Cunningham

Facebook: @PushCareers

LaToya Jenkins

LaToya Jenkins is an author and productivity consultant for women and families. A devoted wife and dedicated mother of five children, LaToya and her husband own three businesses: Jenkins Law Firm, where she serves as the business operations manager, A Themed Event, and Buy Now Properties.

LaToya is passionate about serving families and her community and hosts annual community-building events. She is a committee member of the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona, a regional board member of Young Life Arizona, and a developmental board member of Elevate Phoenix. LaToya also enjoys traveling and competing in marathons and triathlons.

How does she do it all with a husband and five children? That’s what everyone always wants to know. After having her second child, she discovered tons of challenges in trying to balance family, business, and community. She began researching and developing practical strategies to overcome those challenges and live a full and uncompromising life. In 2013, she began mentoring other women and families with those strategies.Today, she has touched over 100 families as she continues to walk out her dreams.

A rare native of Las Vegas, Nevada, LaToya now resides in Mesa, Arizona with her family. 

Connect with LaToya Jenkins: 

Email: info@latoyajenkins.com

Facebook: @latoyajenkins.limitlessliving

La’Vista Jones, CLBC  helps business owners bring order to the chaos of life and business. She believes the price of success doesn’t have to include burnout and broken promises to yourself. By discovering a better way to run your business, you can get back to making yourself and what you love a priority. 

As an author, speaker and community builder, La’Vista is leading a movement of business owners who want more from life than frazzled days and sleepless nights. Her unique magic is adding time back to your day by streamlining processes, identifying operational gaps and outsourcing. Her creative approach to business analysis and implementation saves her clients valuable time that they can then spend on their own self-care routines. 

An Ohio native, La’Vista currently resides in Arizona with her husband, their son, ‘The Cub’ and fur baby, Bull Dozer. 

Connect with La’Vista: 

Website: LaVistaJones.com
Facebook: facebook.com/lavistajones 
Instagram: @lavistajones

Shawnte Jones

Shawnté Jones is a human resource professional, adjunct professor and coach who helps early-stage professionals break through barriers to achieve their definition of success. 

By day, Shawnté works directly with leaders and hiring managers in a major corporation, helping them locate and develop the right talent as part of the Human Resources staff. She has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by employees who struggle to fit in, meaningfully connect or lack the boldness to speak up and share their brilliance. Her passion for professional development and desire to see all people succeed led her to launch Be Bold Enterprises, where she helps young professionals close the gap between them and the opportunities they desire. 

Shawnté’s first book, I Have Talents, And I am Not Afraid to Use Them helps readers overcome fear, complacency, negative behavior and outside influences to reap the rewards of a more purposeful life. Shawnté earned a B.S. in Communication from University of Houston-Clear Lake and an M.S. in Human Resource Development from University of Houston.

Connect with Shawnté Jones, PHR, SHRM-CP:

Email: Shawnte@TheBeBoldEnterprises.com

Facebook: @BeBoldEnterprises

LinkedIn: Shawnte´ Jones 

Dr. Will Moreland

Dr. Will is on a mission to impact, inspire and influence society in a meaningful way. Raised in one of the roughest cities in America, Dr. Will’s upbringing in Compton, California included gangs, drugs, murder and an incarcerated father. Throw in low self-esteem and a speech impediment, and you have the beginning of Dr. Will’s journey.

After many tough years in California, Dr. Will made the choice to join the Army. It was in the military where he began to transform his life. Committing himself to personal development and education, he earned his doctorate degree at 27. After completing his service with an Honorable Discharge, he realized he was passionate about helping others discover the power of leadership and personal development that reshaped his destiny, and he launched his own company.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Will has traveled to over 40 different countries to train leaders and organizations, written 50books and received multiple awards for his work in mentoring, business and professional speaking.

He has been married to his beautiful wife Dr. Kristie for 20 years and they have two wonderful children – Karah and Champ. The Morelands have called Arizona home since 2010.

Connect with Dr. Will Moreland:

Website: DrWillSpeaks.com

Facebook: @drwillspeaks

Instagram: @drwillspeaks

LinkedIn: Dr. Will Moreland

C. Shaun Owens

C. Shaun Owens, MS, affectionately known as “Coach O” has been a higher education administrator, coach, and leader in non-profit organizations. Currently, he is a professor with a passion for teaching and speaking on leadership development, entrepreneurship, organizational psychology and successful living.

Armed with lessons from his days as a football coach, Owens focuses on creating, building and sustaining High Performance Learning Teams (HPLTs). He distinctly focuses on HPLTs by teaching team members how to become Peak Performing Learning Individuals.

Owens is in the final stages of completing his doctoral degree (EdD) from Grand Canyon University in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Organizational Development. In addition, he has two masters’ degrees from Franklin University in Business Psychology and Communications & Marketing.

Connect with C. Shaun Owens:

LinkedIn: C. Shaun Owens

Twitter: @ProfessorOwens2

Instagram: @TheProfessorOwens

Lawrence Riddick

Lawrence Riddick is a renaissance man of marketing with a vast amount of experience spanning 18 years.The founding principal of The Riddick Agency, Lawrence has worked with renowned automotive brands under the General Motors umbrella in the areas of branding, experiential and content marketing.

He is also a purveyor of marketing services for small businesses and has a high competency in design and strategic marketing initiatives. Educated at Northwood University in Midland, Michigan, 

Lawrence resides in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife, Yubeka and daughter, Cherith. He is driven by indomitable spirit, legacy, family, and coffee.

Connect with Lawrence:

Website: RiddickAgency.com

LinkedIn: Lawrence Riddick

Yubeka Riddick

Yubeka is the author of Authentically You: Unveiling Your True Identity as a tool to help individuals unlock their identity by taking them on a journey of personal experience, scripture, and wisdom. Authentically You is being used in book clubs and small groups across the country. 

A licensed and ordained minister, Yubeka is also a graduate of Syracuse University. She is a native of Brooklyn, New York, lover of shoes, and currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with her husband Lawrence and their daughter, Cherith.

Connect with Yubeka Riddick:

Website: bnotconformed.com

Facebook: @identitycrisisaverted

Joy Bretz-Sherrill Leave with Ease

Joy Bretz-Sherrill helps stressed-out professionals leave their day job without jeopardizing their standard of living while reclaiming their time, well-being, finances and peace of mind.

In 2016, Joy went on a quest for a better life. She walked away from a 20+ year corporate career in financial management and went back to school to earn certifications in yoga and holistic nutrition. From marrying young to raising a special needs child, divorce, financial hardships and health issues, Joy understands that the road isn’t always easy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t Leave with Ease. Joy’s signature program –Leave with Ease –makes the transition as smooth as possible by helping you create a personalized roadmap while providing accountability to keep you focused on your goals. 

Connect with Joy Bretz-Sherrill:

Website: njoymindbodyandsoul.com



LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/njoybnfit

Pam Smith Life Coach

Pamela D. Smith is a certified life coach who empowers women to grow into their next desired level. She knows what it’s like to feel stuck and wants to help you go from enduring life to enjoying life. 

A certified coach with the John Maxwell Team, Pam is also an award-winning performer and trainer in the airline industry. She is passionate about personal growth and with her support, clients are experiencing results in months that others take years to accomplish on their own.

With a life-long passion of encouraging and helping others, Pam is an avid volunteer supporting both domestic and international causes, including serving as a small group leader focused on personal growth at Faith Christian Center.In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with the loves of her life: Her husband, children and grandchildren. 

Connect with Pam:

Website: Pamhasfavor.com 

Facebook: @pamhasfavor

Ericka Young

Since founding Tailor-Made Budgets in 2005, Ericka Young has served hundreds of happy clients, helping them pay off more than $2.5M in debt. Ericka is the author of Naked and Unashamed: 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have. She teaches her message of debt freedom through her e-newsletter, personal coaching, workshops and speaking engagements. 

After college, Ericka took an expected path in her degreed field of engineering. During this time, Ericka and her husband Chris carried loads of debt that included student loans, car payments, and a mortgage. They were doing the things that all young couples do, but along with that came added stress.It was during this time that The Youngs discovered Dave Ramsey’s program. Within five years, Ericka and Chris dug their way out of nearly $100,000 in debt and Ericka realized that her true passion was not in engineering, but helping others gain control over their money through financial coaching. Her love for numbers and data crunching translated easily into analyzing financial information.

Ericka is a certified financial coach with Dave Ramsey’s Lampo Group and is a recognized expert in financial coaching. Ericka is a frequent media contributor for TV, newspaper and online publications. Learn how she can help you get your financial house in order and subscribe to her free weekly financial tips at TailorMadeBudgets.com

Connect with Ericka Young: 

Website: TailorMadeBudgets.com

Facebook: @TailorMadeBudgets

LinkedIn: Ericka Young

Twitter: @BudgetsByEricka

ON PURPOSE: Practical Strategies to Live Your Best Life

Published by Isha Cogborn, this book is published in collaboration with Platform for Purpose – an initiative focused on amplifying the voices of diverse experts and thought leaders.  

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